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Tibhar INCA Blade (Penhold)

SKU: TB-03-1045

The Inca is a blade specially designed by Nexy Korea President Moon to create for Tibhar a very fast (middle to upper OFF range) blade capable of both topspinning and hitting. The overall feel is that of a more conventional composite blade and it makes your modern offensive control rubbers really shine. Vibrations are present but are more muted. Balance, weight distribution and feel contribute to your confidence in offense using Inca. This blade is for a variety of offensive playing styles. Hitters will love its stable, solid impact while flexible topspin attackers love Inca's ability to both topspin and powerloop.

  • Head Size - 156x150mm
  • Thickness - 6mm
  • Layers - Hinoki surface + 2 Aramid Carbon